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Having activity mostly on the Hungarian market, our Company's website contains descriptions and information about our competences and activities mainly in Hungarian language. We prepared this single page English summary as a company introduction for our abroad partners.

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As a traffic technology company,

our mission is to improve the traffic safety on the roads.

Heoscont Hungária Kft. is one of the leading providers of road marking and road safety equipment in Hungary with a long tradition and good reputation in the business.

Based on more decades of experience we are experts of any kind of road marking, traffic signs, steel guard rails, reflectors and reflective elements, active and passive road marking studs, synchronized guiding flash lights, vertical road studs, concrete barriers as well as traffic engineering. Our activity covers planning, installation, maintenance and distribution.

Furthermore we are also available with road accessories that enhance comfort on the move eg.: wildlife warning reflectors, optical guiding posts, traffic mirrors, pedestrian and bicycle way railings, information boards and devices.

Our activity is rounded up with traffic calming products, parking access devices and poles, noise reduction walls, street furniture products, indoor and outdoor information systems.

Click the pictures to see some of our core competence references respectively:

Road marking: surface marking, line marking

Traffic Signs, Info Panels and their Support Structures

Steel Guard

Traffic Diversion, Road Works Safeguarding

Active and Passive Road Studs

Would you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Our goal is, that everybody arrives in time safely at home...

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